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We’re always asking: What’s next for our school leaders and students? Since 2000, 我们已经进行了试点,有可能教会我们所有人一些亚搏体育足彩领导的新东西, student learning and teacher development.

Our pilot programs focus on building capacity in our highest-need schools, harnessing the expertise of Chicago’s top leaders, 教我们为最年轻的学生提供强有力的指导,为未来的校长做好准备.


In-Role Supports

South Side Education Alliance (SSEA)

Program Objective: Improvement

南区教育联盟(SSEA)旨在协调分层支持,使CPS网络9和12的学校加速改善. SSEA delivers multiple supports in a single package, including instructional leadership, trauma-informed practice, family and community engagement, time management and teacher development.

2018年8月,我们与4家项目提供商合作开展试点. These partners provide supports that align with principal, teacher, 几所Bronzeville/South lafront和Greater Stony Island学校的学生和社区需求. We believe providing these schools with multiple, 分层支持不仅会加速改进,而且会产生比每个程序提供者独立运行时更显著的影响.

In 2020-21, 这一为期两年的试点项目已延长至第三年,以在COVID-19大流行期间支持学校. SSEA supports will mirror SDP supports.

  • Fulcrum Education Solutions 是否有一个由前任校长组成的团队,提供量身定制的辅导和支持,专注于通过使用教学系统来发展强大的教学领导能力,并建立学校各种教学领导的能力.
  • National SAM Innovation Project 是否有一个由前任校长组成的团队,提供一套独特的时间管理工具和定期辅导,以支持校长最大限度地发挥其教学领导能力,并更有效地分配领导能力.

Executive Principal

Program Objective: Improvement

The Executive Principal Program, 由施瓦茨-沃德家庭亚搏体育足彩app会资助,并与亚搏体育足彩校长素质部合作运作。, is an innovative, 芝加哥一些高层领导(执行校长)和新星(合作校长)之间的多年辅导.

合作校长和执行校长会根据各自的强项和合作校长对学校的期望而精心配对. Throughout the school year, Executive Principals provide up to 300 hours of coaching and mentoring, including weekly school visits and observations, 合作规划时间,并共同出席专业发展活动. 学员将与首席教育官LaTanya McDade一起参加一个专业学习社区. 每对学生都将获得一笔联合津贴,用于在合作校长所在学校开展新工作时进行创新专业发展. Executive Principals are also awarded a leadership stipend for their service.

执行校长与合作校长的主管紧密合作,支持他们的整体发展计划,并分享工作表现反馈. The 2020-21 cohort includes seven principal pairs from across the city. 

Tegy, Inc.

Program Objective: Improvement

Tegy Inc. 是一家全国性的学校设计公司,专门从事有效的学校调度实践吗. Tegy teaches school teams how to leverage their most precious asset: time. In recognition of the scheduling challenges imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, 该亚搏体育足彩app目前正与CPS的网络支持办公室(ONS)合作,将Tegy的资源扩展到所有地区管理的小学. In addition, Tegy will directly coach around 100 schools to adapt their remote, hybrid or in-person schedules to better meet their students’ needs. Tegy还将对网络支持人员进行调度最佳实践培训,并传播通用工具, models and resources. In 2020-21, Tegy will work with up to 108 principal-led teams and 13 network teams.

Harvard Graduate School of Education: Leading Change (HGSE)

Program Objective: Improvement

哈佛大学教育研究生院和哈佛商学院合作提供“领导变革”课程, 在学校管理与领导力证书课程中有一个为期四周的适应性领导力在线课程. This school year, the Fund is sponsoring a cohort of principals from across the city to participate, 帮助他们掌握推动学校变革所需的技能,并与不同利益攸关方确定优先事项,以改善实践. In 2020-21, 50 principals participated, 一半学员在8月上课,另一半学员在10月上课.

Relay School of Education: Instructional Leadership Workshops (Relay GSE)

Program Objective: Improvement

接力教育研究生院是一个被认可的高等教育组织,专注于教师和校长的准备工作. This year, 该亚搏体育足彩app正与Relay GSE合作,为校长及其团队提供虚拟研讨会. The sessions will kick off in December 2020, 教学校团队如何使用新的工具和策略来提供高质量的远程教学,从而提高学生的参与度. In 2020-21, up to 80 principals will participate.

Pipeline and Principal Preparation

APs Rising

Program Objective: Talent

Assistant principals (APs) are not only critical leaders in our schools, but also the primary pipeline of leadership talent into the principal role. In 2019, 芝加哥主要合作伙伴和亚搏体育足彩的合作伙伴, including the Department of Principal Quality, launched Lead with CPS, a new framework for leadership development from teacher to senior district leader.

As a result, CPS, The Fund and The Partnership created APs Rising, 提供一系列有针对性的发展机会,以支持芝加哥有才华的助理校长,他们有兴趣在该区担任未来的主要职务. APs Rising includes the following programs:

  • 领导力桥梁项目|这个项目包括27名AP和校长的在职专业发展. 通过学校领导专家在New Leaders提供的个性化辅导课程, University of Illinois at Chicago and Accelerate Institute, 高级助理与他们的负责人紧密合作,为他们未来的角色做好准备.
  • Aspiring Principal Professional Learning Communities | In 2020-21, 三位经验丰富的校长将带领36名ap学生通过九次学习课程,学习如何成为校长的实用知识. An additional 14 APs are participating in The Fund’s PLCs for principals, 哪些涵盖了更广泛的学校领导主题,并在前几页有详细说明.
  • AP常驻校长项目|虽然这个项目是由CPS校长质量部门独立运行的, it is the final component of APs Rising. AP Residents serve for 12 to 18 months in schools that need new talent the most. 该项目目前为一名居民服务,并将在2021-22学年推出额外的队列.

APs Rising 是通过王室家族慈善机构和王室管道创新亚搏体育足彩app的慷慨支持才得以实现的.

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