January 3, 2000

New foundation sets $10 million grants goal

芝加哥——芝加哥安纳伯格挑战赛将于2001年6月结束, 但它改善公共教育的努力将通过一个新的社区亚搏体育足彩app会继续下去, which will be formally introduced to the city this month.

In development for 18 months, 亚搏体育足彩app计划于3月28日宣布其第一轮拨款.

芝加哥安嫩伯格挑战催生了该亚搏体育足彩app,并于1998年6月成为该亚搏体育足彩app的第一个捐赠者,该亚搏体育足彩app承诺捐赠200万美元作为种子资金. 《亚搏体育足彩》慈善机构又追加了50万美元,成为第二位主要捐赠者. Substantial gifts from the Pritzker Foundation and the Polk Bros. 亚搏体育足彩app会和一些较小的捐款使该亚搏体育足彩app的总额达到近400万美元. Its fund-raising target this year is $10 million.

The new fund will raise money annually, with virtually all of the money slated to be given away in grants.

Fewer, larger grants
而亚搏体育足彩app就是从安纳伯格挑战中发展起来的, the two philanthropic efforts differ in two significant ways. First, Annenberg drew its money from one source; the Public Education Fund expects to have a broad base of contributors. Second, Annenberg had a grass-roots funding mission that focused on small groups of schools; the Public Education Fund will make fewer, 更多的资助,希望能影响整个学校系统.

Initially, 亚搏体育足彩app将有一个单一的资助重点:旨在改善招聘的项目, retention and effectiveness of teachers and principals.

安嫩伯格挑战(Annenberg Challenge)认为,这些需求是学校改善的关键, and they are ones that potential corporate donors can understand, notes Marianne Philbin, 芝加哥妇女亚搏体育足彩app会的前负责人,安嫩伯格聘请的设立该亚搏体育足彩app的顾问.

“如果你经营的企业每年有30%的员工离职——30%的新教师在五年内离职——你就会明白,这是投资以促进变革的关键所在,” she explains.

Indeed, the fund is speaking the language of business. 宣传册的草稿援引戴利市长的话说,该亚搏体育足彩app是一个“有望为我们的孩子带来巨大回报的投资机会”, our schools and our city.”

Janet Knupp, former executive director of Chicago Communities in the Schools, became the fund’s first president last September. 她说,该亚搏体育足彩app计划向少数组织提供赠款,并与这些组织密切合作. She envisions the fund acting much like a a venture capitalist.

“我们相信,如果我们投入大量美元,并形成积极的伙伴关系, we will get great results,” says Knupp.

该亚搏体育足彩app于1999年1月成立,并于去年秋天发出第一次申请建议书. 它确定了大约12个学校改革组织,致力于与教师和校长专业发展相关的问题,并邀请这些组织提出申请.

The fund will be overseen by a working board chaired by Scott Smith, president and publisher of the Chicago Tribune, 他还是芝加哥安嫩伯格挑战赛的董事会成员.

He is joined on the fund’s board by a who’s who of Chicago’s elite. Among them are Penny Pritzker, president of Pritzker Realty Group; venture capitalist Martin “Mike” Koldyke, founder of the Golden Apple Foundation and former head of the Chicago School Finance Authority; and Adele Simmons, former head of the John D. and Catherine T. 麦克阿瑟亚搏体育足彩app会现任2020年芝加哥大都会副总裁.

另一个补充咨询机构“领导力委员会”(Leadership Council)也同样令人印象深刻:约翰·罗杰斯(John Rogers), president of Ariel Capital Management; sports magnate Jerry Reinsdorf; and lawyer Newton R. Minow.

为了确保亚搏体育足彩app的运作与中央政府的目标一致,克莱尔·M. Muñana是芝加哥学校改革理事会的成员,也是该亚搏体育足彩app的董事会成员. 以确保亚搏体育足彩app不会和中央政府搞得太熟, she serves as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

Community education funds across the country strive for a balance between collaboration with school officials and independence from them; they need the former to be effective and the latter to ensure community input.

史密斯说,该亚搏体育足彩app的目标之一是从“已经参与”公立学校的人那里寻求捐款. “We see [support] coming from an array of companies, individuals, families and foundations, many of whom already are providing support in meaningful ways.”

For example, 已经与个别学校有关系的企业也可以向公共教育亚搏体育足彩app捐款,因为公共教育亚搏体育足彩app可以利用这些捐款对整个系统产生影响, Smith explains. “我们认为,这是对专注于一所或几所学校的项目的补充,”他说.

亚搏体育足彩app(Chicago Public Education Fund)也在寻求吸引以前从未为学校改革努力捐款的捐赠者. 筹款人的目标是那些想要帮助改善公共教育,但没有时间或资源来筛选项目和问题,以确定他们的资金将在哪里发挥最大作用的人, says Knupp.

“I think that with 591 schools, 除非你每天都忙于系统的需求, 很难确定如何使你的投资获得最好的收益,” she says. “If we’re doing our job right, 他们将看到自己的捐款被杠杆化,成为一项更有意义的投资.”